By 2020, Asia is expected to account for 60% of global trade flows. Over 3,500 companies have already situated their regional headquarters in Singapore to access fast-growing markets in China, India, and Southeast Asia.



Gateway to Asia

Leveraging its strategic position as a bridge between the East and the West, Singapore offers companies a platform to grow their businesses internationally.

While English is the official language of administration and commerce, the majority of the workforce is bilingual. In addition, the limited size of the domestic market drives executives to train their sights beyond the country's shores from the start. As such, many Singapore citizens have extensive experience doing business regionally and globally.


Consistently ranked as the world's easiest place to do business, Singapore is an independent country renowned for its excellent infrastructure, economic and political stability, and high standards of governance. Companies looking to establish a foothold in Asia can be assured of the rule of law and the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Singapore, essential ingredients for innovation in today's knowledge economy.



With one of the world's leading high-speed fiber networks and a mobile penetration rate of 156%, Singapore is an ideal platform for enterprise solutions and mobile development. No wonder 9 out of 10 technology companies in the Fortune 1000 have offices in Singapore.


Home to an integrated cluster of hospitals and physician practices, healthcare IT and medical technology companies, pharmaceutical laboratories and scientific research institutes, Singapore is widely recognized as Asia's leading medical hub.

Financial Services

Singapore is an established international finance and trading center that is home to over 200 banks. It is the third-largest foreign exchange center globally, and the largest in the region. Asia’s rising wealth is also driving the asset management sector, with total AUM estimated at US$1.1 trillion.


At a glance


Highly-educated workforce
Business-friendly policies
Stable, reputable government
Freely-convertible currency
Competitive tax rates
Established legal system
Independent, neutral country


Trade volume – US$775 billion
GDP – US$310 billion
GDP per capita – US$55,000
Annual inflation – 1.0%
Population – 5.5 million
Unemployment rate – 2.0%